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  • 1-MarkGregorini

    Mark Gregorini

    Mark Gregorini started out behind the bar at his family’s restaurant in 1996, mixing cocktails and pouring wine. Back then the restaurant featured a modest lunch and dinner menu and wine list of a dozen international wines.
    Over the years the restauranteur and business grew together.

    Mark lead the restaurant into bold new territory when he introduced modern Italian cuisine and developed then refined his extensive wine cellar. His passion for food and wine has taken him all around the world for business, pleasure and study.

  • Laura Gregorini

    Laura Gregorini

    Laura Gregorini started working at Verdicchio shortly after it opened as a server’s assistant.

    Her strong affection for Italian cuisine and her boss resulted in a lasting love affair with Verdicchio.  She is proud to belong to a team of perfectionists and lovers of all-things-fine who, after all these years, are still passionate about what they do.

  • 2-WillieGregorini

    Willie Gregorini

    Willie Gregorini opened a quaint 20 seat Italian restaurant in the west end business park in 1994 with her two sons and daughter-in-law. This restaurant, named after the famous white wine from her husband’s region of Italy became to be known as Verdicchio.

    She started the business with a simple wish to replicate some of the classic Umbrian dishes she grew up eating as a young girl.  The restaurant immediately stood out thanks to Willie’s attention to detail in the kitchen and dining room. Today, Willie is still an integral part of Verdicchio’s operations organizing weddings and special events.

  • 4-AlejandroWinzer

    Alejandro Winzer

    Alejandro Winzer has contributed immensely to the evolution of Verdicchio. He worked in kitchens across North America before moving to Sudbury with his family. As executive chef, his creativity and passion are visible in every dish that comes out from the kitchen. He manages just about every aspect of the kitchen from purchasing to menu design, albeit not always as glamorous as the television shows.

  • Mario200x200

    Mario Martelli

    Mario Martelli is somewhat a legend, having worked here since the restaurant opened. Mario handles the day-to-day operation of the front, ensuring customers receive impeccable service and organizing corporate functions. His strong product knowledge whether it be food or wine makes him a definite asset to the business.

    “I think my overall knowledge and experience in the restaurant business adds to the Verdicchio Experience”.

  • Nick200x200

    Nicolas Young


    Nicholas started working in the hospitality industry when he was 15 years-old. From then on he’s worked in a variety of capacities from managing in front of house to the kitchen and beyond. Nicholas’s personality and charm enable him to easily keep up to the demands behind the bar. His background in mixology provides a solid foundation in the craft of creating classic cocktails and inventing sophisticated or fun new drinks.

    “I have met some very talented people here at Verdicchio. It is a pleasure to work with so many seasoned professionals.”

  • Angela Sacco

    Angela Sacco


    Angela educational background in hotel & restaurant management and tourism development has taken her around the world, working in hotels, restaurants and spas from Canada’s prairies to Australia.

    Angela has a knack for anticipating guests’ needs before they ask. Whether it’s adjusting the temperature in the room or engaging in conversation, Angela’s actions demonstrate her genuine attitude towards her job.

    “I am not merely here to ‘work’,” she says.

  • Kim-200x200_140219

    Kim Ananjevs


    Kim has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry for more than 15 years. She’s served in pubs, franchises and family-operated restaurants, all the while learning the tricks of the trade.
    “Being a server isn’t  just a job, it’s my career,” says Kim who enjoys interacting with her customers and making them feel like they’re at home.
    “From the staff, to the menu and atmosphere, Verdicchio is a step above with consistent attention to the smallest details.”

  • Kayla Kalijarvi

    Kayla Kalijarvi


    Kayla may be the first face you see when walking into Verdicchio.

    When she’s not busily preparing cocktails, Kayla enjoys putting her creativity and organization skills to work behind the bar.

    “I’m proud of the quality of food and exceptional service Verdicchio offers,” said Kayla who started working in the hospitality industry when she was 18.

    “The menu choices, especially the gnocchi, are incredible and the entire staff feels like a family.”

    When creating a new cocktail, Kayla likes to match flavours with the season.

  • Francesco Corcontento

    Francesco Corcontento


    Francesco joined the Verdicchio family in 2012.

    A passion for the culinary arts formed in the Italian-born restaurant professional at an early age. Francesco grew up and studied in Spoleto, Italy and has worked in both hospitality and institutional settings since he was 20 years old. From restaurants to the hospital and army, Francesco has cooked for all types of customers.

    At Verdicchio, Francesco says he enjoys working with a kitchen team that draws inspiration from locally sourced ingredients and is tune to modern Italian cuisine.

    Management values Francesco’s delicious ideas and his influence is visible in each dish prepared.

    “I like the freshness and imagination in the menu and dishes,” he said, adding he’s also grateful for the opportunity to improve his English speaking skills.

  • 5-CathyWilliams

    Cathy Houghton

    Cathy Houghton loves interacting with her guests, making sure their night out is more than sitting down to dinner. She sees her role on the dining room floor equally as important to that of preparing food in the kitchen.

    “ I think serving can be an art and taking those extra little steps to make someone’s night makes a difference. I want them to be wowed when they leave.”

  • 6-BobGonko

    Bob Gonko

    Bob Gonko brings with him over 20 years experience in the restaurant business as a former owner, co-owner and employee.

    His charm and reputation have earned him respect among customers and staff alike.

    “The staff that work here, from the kitchen to the front of the house all take pride in what they do and that is what sets this restaurant apart from others.”

  • 7-Corey

    Corey Belzile

    When Corey Belzile isn’t serving customers, you’ll probably find him at a table trying the latest tasting menu. Through his travels Belzile keeps up to date with the latest food and wine trends.

    “Whether it is new or strange ingredients, avant-garde cooking methods, table-side techniques, or wine pairing with tours, these are all aspects that I bring to the Verdicchio dining experience.”

  • 10-HeatherPollock

    Heather Pollock

    Chances are you won’t see Heather Pollock when you come to Verdicchio’s. She’s busy prepping in the kitchen and ensuring the night-time crew have what they need to prepare those delectable dishes.

    Heather loves to learn and says this is the perfect job for her.

Verdicchio — Ristorante | Enoteca

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